Honi Poke

Let's start with some well tasting news:
Timeout gave us ★★★★(we think that's pretty darn cool for a fast food place), and we're the 4th most popular dish on Deliveroo. Just saying...

At Honi Poke, we've made it our mission to boost wellbeing by bringing sunshine, food love and full-on pacific. Hawaiian flavours to our customers. In a way that is convenient, healthy, and delightfully delicious. So far, so tasty.

Great taste is the name of our game and the philosophy is simple: Good food starts with good ingredients. It doesn't hurt that our recipes rock too.

We believe in the restorative power of healthy, fresh and tasty food!

That's the way we bowl!

Our Story

Our Hawaiian journey began in 2017 when we decided to ride the Poke wave that had swept through NY and LA all the way to London.

We'd been doing street food at different markets around London for a few years and were on a quest for a cuisine that was authentic, clean, healthy and well tasting-with a beautiful heritage.

We came across poke at a simple Hawaiian beach shack and were completely blown away by the fresh and punchy flavours, and the wholesome ingredients. It was love at first bite! Together with our friends Richard de la Cruiz, development chef for Coya London and now head chef at Arros QD,